Restoring from the seed

In the case that you only have the cold wallet's seed phrase for recovery, you will have to:

  • Recover the cold wallet
  • Recreate the view-only wallet
  • Exchange outputs and key images

All the steps here are laid out in other chapters, we will be repeating them.

📎 Recovering the cold wallet

Be sure to only recover your cold wallet on a properly air-gapped device.

On your air-gapped device, go through the standard procedure of creating a Monero wallet, this time selecting Restore wallet from keys or mnemonic seed.


Enter your seed phrase and re-create the cold wallet.

Password and node prompts will show.

Like in Create the cold wallet, it is up to you to choose a password or not.

For the node connection, select Connect to a remote node and do not add anything.


After creation, confirm that your wallet address is correct.


🖇 Recreating the view-only wallet

You can follow the exact same steps in Create the view wallet to re-create your view-only wallet.

After you have successfully recovered both the cold & view-only wallet, continue to the next step.

📤📥 Outputs and Key Images

We'll now be transferring two additional pieces of data to update both our cold and view-only wallet's balances.

Starting from your view-only wallet, follow the steps in Outputs, transferring the outputs file from your view-only wallet to your cold wallet.

On your cold wallet, import the outputs file.


Now, for the Key Images - follow the steps in Restoring the view wallet, transferring the Key Images file from your cold wallet to your view-only wallet.


Both wallets should now have up-to-date balances, you can now start creating and signing transactions again.