Prepare the software

In the next few steps we'll be taking our device offline forever, so we'll be making sure that we have everything we need installed here, beforehand.

Most notably, we need wallet software - we'll be using Monero GUI in this guide.

Other wallets that support offline transactions can be used (e.g Monero CLI) however the steps may slightly differ.

💾 Install

Note: if full disk encryption is desired, that step should be done before any of this, as it cannot easily be done after the fact.

Make sure your wallet software is installed on your cold device.

If you are using the cold device for purposes in addition to Monero, you should make that software is installed as well.


🔏 Verify

While this last step is technically optional, you are strongly encouraged to verify your wallet's authenticity before usage.

There are steps specific to Monero GUI here. More details can be found on the downloads page.