What you need

  1. Computer (Laptop, Desktop, SBC, etc)
  2. Data transfer medium (USB, SD Card, etc)
  3. Screwdriver

This computer will never connect to the internet ever again, so make sure you okay with "sacrificing" it into a cold wallet.

You will also need a device other than this cold computer to act as your view-only wallet (perhaps the computer you're using to read this guide?). The security of this computer does not matter as much, as it will not be able to spend any funds.

💻 This guide

This guide will assume you are using:

  • A laptop as your computer
  • Monero GUI as your wallet
  • Windows as your OS

The instructions will differ with other types of computers/wallets/OS's, but they are mostly the same.

In our case - we'll be using the cheapest 2nd-hand laptop we could quickly find ($80).